Web Application Audit

Web applications also called 'web apps' are applications that are stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet. They interact often with internal systems such as databases and servers. Nowadays these applications are available via mobile devices such as iPad / iPhone or Android smart phones from nearly every place. Thereby the apps are highly vulnerable. A malicious attack may have serious consequences, both for internal systems as well as for the safety of its users.

As part of our web application audit we look for vulnerabilities in your web application and check all possible attack scenarios. We choose a comprehensive perspective in order to be prepared against a variety of attacks. We examine all systems that communicate with your web application.

Depending on the nature of the web application a more targeted risk-based security perspective can be useful. Read more under penetration testing.

What happens during a Web Application Audit?

In the field of mobile application security we flow the recommendations of the internationally recognized Open Web Application Security Project OWASP. We put a special focus on the top 10 security vulnerabilities for mobile applications according to the OWASP.

The Web Application audit is carried out with close coordination with you. We run preliminary talks in order to create a project plan. We want to make sure that you always know exactly what we are working on.

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