C-Def aims to put Israel's security expertise to make the world a safer place. We are a young company that works with Israeli companies and freelancers. We love interesting and challenging tasks. More and more companies are exploited by cyber-attacks. We want to protect you and make it as difficult as possible to get your data or to hurt your company. This is an important issue in Israel, because the country is a popular target for cyber-attacks. A unique know-how has been created in this area. This expertise, we want to make available for you. Here are some questions and answers about our company.

Who will carry out my cyber review?

The appropriate security expert or a team, we provide our partners together. Locally, we pay attention to the Smooth running and assist them in any question. You will receive a detailed curriculum vitae of the person as well as references, so that we can convince them. We want that only the best experts will work for you and we want to convince you.

How safe is a review?

Only employees with many years of experience are involved to international projects. We always pay the highest attention to your safety. Each security check is in exchange with you, so that you will exactly know what our cyber experts are doing at each moment.

From where do you work?

Penetration testing can often be done from outside. This saves both sides costs. However, on-site assistance is necessary for process and technology consulting. In this case, you first learn our employees better before a project is started. Also Whitebox Pentests often require on-site use.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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