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Our cyber security experts will help you to increase the resistance of your IT

Top educated

Each and every one of our consultants holds a security certification. Certs include: CISSP, CEH, CASS, CCISO and CEPT among others. Our security experts have several years of professional experience and have already successfully managed many cyber security projects in Israel.


We offer our services at a fair price, ensuring that you stay in control. Both fixed-price projects as well as support on demand are possible.


Our experts are on the cutting edge of technology, because this is the only way to react to new threats.


We document and report effectively with proactive proposals. With penetration testing, we document all the vulnerabilities and divide them into different categories, so that you can judge how critical they are.


You will receive support in English language. All out security experts have excellent English skills.


We love hacking. We are very responsible handling sensitive data. Each of our security experts have been involved on numerous highly sensitive projects in Israel.

We want to make the cyber world safer

Our Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are helping in ensuring the security of your IT. Many new cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities are invented. That's why your IT security must be constantly reviewed.

Vulnerability Assessment

In the context of vulnerability assessment you will obtain an overall picture of the technical risk of your IT environment.

Web Application Audit

We check your web application from a comprehensive perspective.

Digital Forensics

We will help you to investigate suspicious incidents related to your IT systems.

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